IVC Ballonmatic

We are a team of Professionals dedicated to develop Dr. José Herrera’s discovery into a legacy for humanity.

The team working on the IVC Balloonmatic consists of Medical Professionals such as non-invasive Interventional Cardiologists, Echocardiographists, and Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) Specialists. Also Economists, Lawyers and Marketing Professionals, all dedicated to the development of this Innovative Procedure designed to treat a global problem easily and at a low cost.

We are convinced that we have in our hands the means to produce a new alternative for the treatment of this progressive disease whose prognosis have not changed despite of the actual treatment strategies.

We have passed through important stages in research and design and have shared our investigations at different International Medical Conferences (TCT/ACC, ICI, ESC, among others). We have also received with great pride Professional support from such prestigious Institutions as Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard University, Houston Methodist Hospital, Washington Hospital Center, in addition to advice from renowned researchers such as Marc Semigram, Bob Levine, Miguel Quiñones, Chaim Lotan, Augusto Pichard, among others.

Dr. Igor Palacios

Dr. Chaim Lotam

Dr. Herrera discovered a natural model to improve the Congestive Heart Failure Patients their quality of live.

The discovery