Work plan and progress

Part of the reliability of the IVC Balloonmatic regarding investors, the medical community, and CHF is the transparency with which we have been working. Proof of this transparency is the work plan we have been developing.

The work plan describes what we have done from the day the team was formed and obviously outlines the pending tasks we have planned.

Programmed tasks

  • Manufacturing the device.
  • Feasibility of use of the device.
  • Researching production costs of the device.
  • Culmination of the process to obtain the method patent in the USA
  • FDA approval to market the device in the USA.
  • Funding for the clinical tests required by the FDA for their approval.
  • Creation of a series of audiovisual productions to carry forward the project of crowdfunding on the web.
  • Reformulation of communicational strategies on the IVC Balloonmatic.
  • Creation of a new IVC Balloonmatic website in different languages, social network management and other strategies for diffusion and international marketing.

Permanent work

  • Presentation in world class Cardiology and Cardiovascular Innovation Congresses.
  • Press Conferences.
  • National and International Press Interviews.
  • Publication of manuscripts in specialized magazines.
  • Diffusion on Internet and Social Networks.
  • Diffusion of the Research and of the final device designed for permanent production as this will keep the medical community aware of its existence for the benefit of their patients who suffer the disease.
  • The Balloonmatic team has travelled to different parts of the world to expound the results of the work.
  • Once the FDA approvals have been received the IVC Baloonmatic team will face important challenges such as obtaining funding to manufacture the device, but this is something that is still in the future.

Gallery of forums, congresses and travel

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Our device is a great innovation for the treatment of the global problem of congestive heart failure at low cost and high social impact.

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